Connect to your highest life potentials and to your personal wellspring of wisdom.

I directly guide you to your True Self, to the truth of your wholeness and to the wild and free river of life source within you.

The possibilities are infinite.

Complimentary consultation call

This is an opportunity for us to connect and explore what would best support your Soul path at this time. You can ask questions and we can create an empowering  healing plan that will support exactly what will serve you best.

Virtual Ritual Reiki

A ritualized experience of Reiki, Theta healing & spiritual guidance. You will receive insights for rapid transformation, deep healing & energetic purification.

Each 60 min session will realign you to the highest version of yourself and to Source energy immediately.

Virtual Ritual Reiki Medicine Reading

A ritualized experience of Reiki, oracle card empowerment & alchemical coaching. Receive messages from your Higher Self & guides to provide clarity & empower your path.

Stone medicine prescription bonus included for deeper healing.

60 minutes

Ritual Reiki

An in person 75 minute ritualized healing session designed to harmonize and connect to your Highest Self. Using the elemental forces of Reiki, crystal healing, sound medicine and essential oils in congruence with your unique vibrational signature we will clean, clear and ignite your energetic field. Crystal prescriptions and alchemical coaching included.

Ritual Reiki with Taoist Stone Medicine

A 90 minute ritualized experience of Reiki with the added layer of ancient stone medicine sacred geometry body layouts. Stones work on the level of the Soul & DNA. This treatment is excellent for liberating stubborn patterns & opening internal gateways. It is a rare and special opportunity to work with crystals in this Taoist tradition. There are only a handful of practitioners certified in this mystery school tradition and it is my honor to offer this to you! 

Available in person Fri - Sun. Virtual Mon - Thurs 

Reiki Training

All reiki training available virtually

Reiki Level 1 certification Shoden training & attunements

Group classes and private training 

This training will provide you with: 

* A spiritual connection to life helping you to feel happier and healthier

* The ability to heal yourself and others using hand positions on or near the body

* Traditional Usui Reiju and four attunements 

* Original Usui meditation to activate Reiki energy

*Energetic clearing techniques as well as Reiki ritual suggestions 

* Balancing the bodies energetic systems 


Email for group class information and upcoming dates

Reiki Level 2 certification Okuden training and attunements

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning 'inner teachings'. A deeper understanding and connection to Usui Mikao’s teachings is achieved during this course. Utilizing Japanese principles, this level teaches how to connect to Earth and Heaven energy; the first steps to becoming fully integrated with the universe. This is achieved through the practice of shirushi (symbols) and jumon (mantras).

Email for details on classes and private 1:1 training 

Reiki Level 3 Master Level certification Shinpiden training and attunements

Shinpiden is the Japanese word for ‘mystery teachings’. It is aimed at Level II practitioners and for those that desire to deepen their personal journey, a heart journey that continues to blossom long after the Shinpiden training. In this level, the mystical dimensions of Reiki are awakened and you naturally connect to this luminous source of enlightenment. 

Email for details on private 1:1 training

Reiki for animals

 Learn how to be with your animal familiars with the same depth of love and presence they hold for you. Simple to learn and facilitates deeper connection and communication for any animal you come in contact with, both domestic and wild animals. Reiki can help increase your animals overall wellness, support in a hospice situation and be nourishing if they are negotiating a chronic illness or stress. 

Email for details and pricing. 

House clearings/blessings

Using sound, stones, Reiki, herbs, ritual & shamanic tools to clear dense energy & infuse your home with Light. Stone medicine gridding prescriptions included for protection. 

Email to schedule consultation call, pricing and booking.

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 Adrianna has a presence when working with you that is unparalleled. She listens without any judgement, and is able to meet any issue with compassion.  I felt like her channeling actually helped me better connect to MYSELF, with her guidance and energy clearing the path and inviting in new energy.  After my session I felt inspired and full of LIGHT. 

Britta C.