Adrianna is THE best energy work I've ever experienced, and I've experienced countless sessions from countless top notch healers over the past twenty years.  I am an energy worker myself, and I keep referring people to her because she is that effective!  She is truly a psychic expert and moves heavy, dense, dark energy like no one I have ever experienced before and I always feel dramatically lighter after each session.

She is THE REAL DEAL. You'll love her from the very first moment!!!
Thank you Adrianna! I can't wait for our next treatment!

 - Janet N.

Creator of Consciously Flow

I long to offer everyone reading this whatever they need to understand what a powerful ally and supporter Adrianna can be for them, especially in the most entrenched, complex and vast life crises. Here's what I can say: I am blessed to know and love Adrianna. She has quickly become a powerful member of my life's inner circle of most trusted people. Her work is uniquely powerful and life-shifting, and I say this as a counselor myself who offers and receives a wide variety of powerful healing modalities. If there's a place in you or your life that feels somehow unreachable, Adrianna and her delivery of Reiki is absolutely worth trying. Adrianna is uniquely warm, resonant, real and present--a wise wild woman, a radiant radical being. 
The private sessions as well as the Reiki level 1 initiation with her has reset my life's course in a profound way. I am making leaps forward! Whenever I think of Adrianna, which I do daily, my heart is filled with love and light. If you are feeling the call to work with her, I am excited for you and how your life is about to ease and blossom.

-Angela W,


Angela W.png

In the years that I’ve worked with Adrianna everything about my consciousness has evolved. She has taught me how to deliberatly manifest which has helped me tremendously in my career and personal life.  She has been a pivotal guide in upgrading how I think and act in all areas of my life.  Adrianna sees things on a plane that most people don’t see, she goes to the deeper places and gets me to to talk about areas that have been subconscious for me. I feel safe with her to talk about things I would never share with anyone else. The way we work together really helps me identify my personal power so that I am able to face real life situations with grace and humor. I feel fully in my power and magic when we have sessions together!

- Mary M

Creator of Foxy Vida

Adrianna is a one of a kind soul. There is no one like her on this planet that can help guide you in a better path. Through the years of working with her, we have connected on so many levels and beyond explanation. She has helped me through the most difficult times in my life and showed me the light to the right direction. What I absolutely love about her is her genuine connection to others. She will always make time to listen and guide you if you have trouble understanding the obstacles in your life. She is so patient, understanding, and always there to listen. She will heal you when you feel broken. I love her with all my heart. Adrianna will never disappoint! Her wonderful energy and abilities will surely uplift you and encourage you into taking the steps you need to take to better fulfill yourself. 
- Kim C

Adrianna creates a rich and timeless experience. I strongly recommend her for a tender,

profound, and focusing experience.

- Billy H. 


Even days later I still am feeling the positive effects of our session. Thank you Adrianna for your intuitive healing gifts.  I feel very lucky to have you as a spiritual counselor and guide. Adrianna is such a gifted energy worker. She makes you feel like you are the only person in the world, as she really cares and wants to know what is going on in your life and listens. 

- Kristen C.


The experience with Adrianna was transformative and otherworldly. The space itself feels ethereal and coupled with the rituals, becomes a spiritual portal to the furthest expanses of space and your deepest hidden self. I left feeling renewed and open to all the universe had to offer. - Mandy T. 


 If you are looking for a Reiki healing - see her for a huge shift in your perspective. If you are looking for a healer - SEE ADRIANNA. This work is amazing and I'm so glad that she encourages us to be our own healer. - Nikki S.

Working with Adrianna I felt the energy of unconditional love, complete connection, surrender, Tao. As it flowed through me, it uncovered entirely new shadow aspects that I was holding within me: The shadows of my childhood, my ancestors, our society. Each of them scared me and humbled me. And the light she brought helped me to love them, and grieve for them, and ultimately transmute them. 

- Olivia C.

I felt lighter and happier after our session. Adrianna is so personable and a joy to be around, not to mention funny! She holds a wealth of knowledge about various healing techniques as well as herbs, crystals, etc. She is the real deal. 

- Alina T.