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Adrianna Renee Velez

My path as a radical, rebellious mystic began at the age of 15. I left home and embarked upon a wild and arduous path of healing childhood trauma, abandonment wounds, debilitating self worth and figuring out how to find purpose in my deep pain. 

As the Divine would have it, I was guided to the compassionate arms of Reiki two years later while taking a clairvoyance training program. Aligning with these spiritual teachings helped me reestablish my sense of self worth and safety in the world. The spiral path of healing led me down many winding roads- living and volunteering with rehabilitated elephants deep in the jungles of Thailand, communing with wild dolphins, becoming certified in many healing modalities, exploring the depths of consciousness and healing in countless plant medicine ceremonies, continued purification with kambo, developing a devoted kundalini yoga practice and immersing myself in Taoist stone medicine. My lifelong  gravitational pull towards Earth medicine and crystals led me to a very mysterious and ancient path of working with minerals to unlock deeper layers of healing on the soul level. 

Since then I have been practicing Reiki as path. I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui tradition and have been actively practicing Reiki for 25 years. My devotional work to the Goddess has materialized by stepping into my role as a Feminine Energy Mentor, sharing these ancient ways and assisting women to rewild into their most true, alive nature. 


It is my Tao to help women alchemize low self worth, trauma and anger, gracefully transforming these wounds into personal medicine. My mission is to guide you to your authentic power so that you may live your precious life with joy, freedom and authenticity.

I continue to engage in healing ceremonies, dream of being kept by bees, swoon over ancient Egypt, obsess over animals, love gardening, stormy weather, Tantra and am eternally moved by the great mystics and their path of rapture. I live my life as one unraveling ritualistic dance with the Divine. 

 You will access and deepen your inner alchemy while being held in Adrianna's sacred temple of *sweet medicina* . I found working with her to infuse my being with divine essence as I experienced many personal transmutations. Adrianna is a master energy worker and simply being in her presence will shift your state into cosmic alignment. I am eternally grateful for our paths harmonizing together as my 'journey of returning home to self' continues to elevate & evolve as we orbit together.

- Fariha N.

Thank you Adrianna for your intuitive healing gifts. I feel very lucky to have you as a spiritual mentor and guide. Adrianna makes you feel like you are the only person in the world, she truly cares and listens!

- Kirsten C. 

If you are looking for a healer SEE ADRIANNA. She is amazing and I love that she encourages us to be our own healer. 

- Nikki S. 

Take hold of your own life.
See that the whole existence is celebrating.
These trees are not serious, these birds are not serious.
The rivers and the oceans are wild,
and everywhere there is fun,
everywhere there is joy and delight.
Watch existence,
listen to the existence and become part of it.
― Osho

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