Reiki is an ancient energetic healing modality that supports the body & mind in releasing stress, trauma and pain by creating deep relaxation. It is simple and yet deeply profound in its wisdom and ability to support the body and spirit with its natural healing process. It is known for nervous system restoration, clearing psychic debris, energetic blocks, supporting recovery time & ultimately reconnecting you to your True Self. Over time, even the deepest patterns can be released.


Reiki is equally as effective in long distance healing as well as hands on. 


Physical Body:  Extensive research has shown that Reiki treatments balance the nervous system which in turn greatly reduces stress. Reiki is being used in many hospitals (Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medical Center among many others) pre & post surgery as it has been proven to shorten recovery time & soothe/manage pain. It supports the body in releasing toxins & purifies the system. 


Mental and emotional body: Helps restore energetic balance, clearing blockages, repressed emotions, feelings of being stuck & unconscious patterns. Reiki is very supportive to mental & emotional health.


Spiritual/energetic system: Reiki ultimately connects you to your True Self. The self before trauma & social conditioning. It can assist in reconnecting you to your purpose, aligning with your spiritual truth, healing your past, opening up creative channels, activating psychic abilities, balancing chakras and more. Receiving Reiki in times of transition & change can be very supportive. 


Sessions last 75 minutes giving ample time for coaching, check-ins, integration as well as hands on work.  


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“A Reiki session is like a facilitated meditation, a deep rest where you drop into levels of self beneath the places that are tangled and confused by your responses to past experience.  Here you can recalibrate and recover based on the resilience of your true nature.” - Mia Runanin