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 Ancient energy medicine. Discover your True Nature.

Reiki is pure universal life force energy. This spiritual energy is also referred to as chi, ki, prana and the great bright light. Reiki nourishes and supports the body, mind, spirit, emotions and energetic blueprint in releasing stress, trauma, suffering and pain by creating deep relaxation and integration, permeating the subconscious layers of our being. It is simple and yet deeply profound in its wisdom and ability to create great change. 

It is known for nervous system restoration, clearing psychic debris, energetic blocks, supporting recovery time and ultimately reconnecting you to your true nature. Over time, even the deepest patterns and traumas can be released.  With Reiki, your innate brightness will shine in all its beauty. 

A treatment can feel like a warm, blissful radiance that flows through and around you.

Spiritual and energetic system: Reiki ultimately connects you to your true self. The self before trauma and social conditioning. It can assist in reconnecting you to your purpose, aligning with your spiritual truth, healing your  past and ancestral trauma, opening up creative channels, activating psychic abilities, balancing chakras and more. Receiving Reiki in times of transition and change can be very supportive. 


Mental and emotional body: Helps restore energetic balance, clearing blockages, repressed emotions, feelings of being stuck and unconscious patterns. Reiki is very supportive to mental and emotional health. It is an excellent support when engaging in shadow work. 


Physical Body:  Extensive research has shown that Reiki treatments balance the nervous system which in turn greatly reduces stress. Reiki is being used in many hospitals (Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medical Center among many others) pre and post surgery as it has been proven to shorten recovery time and soothe/manage pain. It supports the body in releasing toxins and purifies the system. 

Reiki is equally as effective and powerful in long distance healing as well as hands on.

If you are a new client, please book a consultation call along with your preferred Reiki session via the button below. If you have worked with me before, feel free to book your Ritual Reiki experience directly. Button below includes all options. 

3 pillars of Reiki - Listen and tune in to what will unfold within you when receiving a Reiki treatment. The possibilities of healing are limitless. 

Adrianna is THE best energy work I’ve ever experienced and I’ve experienced countless sessions from countless top notch healers over the past twenty years. I am an energy worker myself and I keep referring people to her because she is that effective! She is truly a psychic expert. 

- Janet N. 

“Does a wolf know how beautiful she is when she leaps? Does a feline know what beautiful shapes she makes when she sits? Is a bird awed by the sound it hears when it snaps open its wings? Learning from them, we just act in our own true way and do not draw back from or hide our natural beauty. Like the creatures, we just are, and it is right.” 
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Reiki precepts 


Today only

Do not anger

Do not worry 

Be grateful

Be true to your way and to your true self

Show compassion to yourself and others

-Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki 

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