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academy of ancient healing arts


Star and Stone Academy of Ancient Healing arts

Star and Stone Academy of Ancient Healing arts

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 Activate    Receive    Heal

Joy, bliss and power are your natural state - did you forget?

Imagine… Knowing how to activate the wild and free river of life force within you at any time. Living in direct conscious contact with the supreme Universal chi. You’re already healed, and you can heal yourself. 

Then imagine offering your healing essence to the world around you.

Enter the Temple of Star and Stone, an eco-system of simple, ancient practices that work -  to ignite the healing life force within your being and body. Learn to channel Reiki, ‘the secret method for inviting blessings’. Root deep into stone medicine. Activate the healing life force in your own fingertips, with your own voice. Come home to your true nature.

 It’s the force of love. You’re that as well.